Onboarding form

Let's get started with the on-boarding process

Greetings! Welcome to the team!

I will be helping your onboarding team by collecting key information needed in preparing the following forms:

  • Payroll Services Addendum

    Agreement laying out the terms of service for payroll services offered by our service bureau.

  • Federal Employer Identification Number

    An upload of FEIN account document is required

  • Rabco Payroll Processing Guidelines

    Key payroll processing guidelines

  • Initial Authorized Contact

    Identifies the authorized contact and decision maker that Rabco is allowed to interact with. If you have more than one, they can be added during implementaton.

  • Signature Authorization

    Agreement allowing Rabco to use your electronic signature on all necessary payroll documents (i.e. checks, POA's, Returns, etc.)

  • State Payroll Tax Account(s) Disclosure

    An upload of state payroll tax account document is required

  • Direct Deposit Enrollment Form

    Authorization to initiate employee direct deposit and electronic billing

Please fill out the fields below. The forms needed will be automatically generated with your information and sent to you within just a few minutes for your signature.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to reach out.