Miscellaneous Pricing

Pricing list of miscellaneous services


Misc Services


$200 Per Transaction

(If over 100k tax liability) $200+ 1% of tax liability

If client utilizes the ACH Funding Method and fails to have the required funds in their designated account as required by and provided in the Agreement, causing RABco to be issued a notice of Non-Sufficient Funds, RABco, in addition to all its rights under the Agreement, will also charge Client an NSF Fee for each applicable transaction. If client cannot successfully remit payment for taxes three times in a single year, client will be responsible for all future tax payments. Eligibility for reenrollment for tax payment service can be reassessed at a future date.

Next Day Direct Deposit


If a client processes payroll past their due date and direct deposit pay is required, a next day direct depositing service is available.

Next Day Delivery

$15 per location

Delivery of physical checks/ reports will be received next business day.

Off Cycle Payroll Processing


Every scheduled payroll is included in the per employee per month fee. This includes the regular payrolls (bi-weekly, weekly, monthly, semi-monthly) and could also include a regularly scheduled bonus payroll (done each quarter, etc.) if it is included in the payroll schedule within the platform. Off cycle payrolls occur outside this process. These are usually done to fix errors in the current payroll that cannot wait forthe next scheduled payroll processing. This fee applies only to those off-cycle or “one off” payroll runs. Clients may choose to issue manual checks rather than run an off-cycle payroll in which case this fee would not apply.

Payroll Rollback


A request from the client to rollback a finalized payroll prior to funding initiation. If the client has submitted a payroll but the payroll is not yet finalized by RABco, the client can re-open the payroll without charge

Late Processing after 4 PM (pst)


Any payroll file submitted after 4:00 pm will need to approve the late fee in order to account for the current day processed.

Stop Payment Fee

$25 per check

For clients who have purchased RABco Payroll Services with RABco Smart Check, if a check issued on a RABco Payroll Services Account as defined in the Agreement, must have a stop payment placed on it with the bank, this fee will apply.

Split Distributions

$5.50 per split

For each individual payroll processed within the platform, printed pay statements and vouchers will be shipped to ONE designated location for no additional fee (shipping fees will be charged by provider directly to client). Clients may configure the platform to have printed pay statements and vouchers print by Cost Center and have each Cost Center ship to a different location. The Split Distribution fees cover the cost to package pay statements/direct deposit vouchers to ship to multiple locations within the same processed payroll. Note that this does not include combining checks/vouchers from different payrolls (i.e. weekly and bi weekly) into one package for distribution. That is not a supported delivery process. Split distribution is only available for pay statements and vouchers.

Mailing Individual Checks

$6 per document

The preferred method of delivery is for each client to have all documents delivered using the client’s shipping account. If the client wants to have the employee’s pay checks, direct deposit vouchers, W2s, 1099 forms and/or 1095C statements delivered directly to the employee’s home address, this fee will apply to each form mailed through the USPS and includes the applicable postage fees. This fee may be adjusted by the amount of any increase in standard postage by the United States Postal Service. RABco will guarantee that W2s/1099s will be mailed by January 28th of each year but cannot guarantee that delivery to the employee will occur by January 31st of each year.

Certified Mail

$8.50 per location

Regular Mail Service with the tracking ID to check on the status of delivery

New Hire Reporting

$3.50 per employee

New hire reporting is the process by which you report information on your newly-hired employees to the California Employment Development Department. New hire reports are matched against child support records at the state and national levels to locate parents who are not paying child support. All California employers must report all of their new or rehired employees working in California to the New Employee Registry within twenty (20) days of their start-of-work date. Any employee that is rehired after a separation of at least sixty (60) consecutive days must also be reported within twenty (20) days.

Garnishment Services

$5 base fee + $5 per employee

Includes system setup of automatic deductions and remitting payments

Wire Drawdown

$25 per payroll process

Payment method that can be used as an alternative to ACH. This may be required for transactions greater than $500,000 or a single check amount is great than$100,000. RABco may also require this method if there have been multiple occurrences where you do not have sufficient funds to cover the entirety of your payroll liability.

401k Service

$25 base fee + $1 per employee

Setup vendor and remit payments

Concierge Service


(up to 10 ee, + $5/ee over 10)

Employee Maintenance: Employee maintenance includes any activity updating the employee record in your account. This includes but is not limited to: Adding new employee records Removing employee records (terminating employee) Updating employee withholding, bank account information, address, etc.

Payroll Processing: Manually entering or syncing hours to the payroll platform Creating a manual check that is either in addition to your currently scheduled payroll (payroll or commission check) or an unscheduled payroll (termination check, bonus check etc.) Sending payroll reports for approval Editing a payroll prior to delivery.

Reports: Provide standard payroll reports (this does not include custom report request, creation is billed separately)


Misc Services

Re-Attempt Tax Payment


If you do not have the funds available in your account for your tax payment and we do not impound your taxes you are responsible for making the missed payment. You can request that RABco re-attempt a tax payment.

Federal/ State Wire Transaction


If you’ve missed a tax payment and need to make a payment immediately, we can send a wire transaction to the appropriate governing body.

State Registration

Starting at $325

RABco can assist in the registration of your state tax account.

Resolve Notice

(if RABco not at fault)


If you’ve received a Tax Notice and it was due to an error made by a previous payroll provider or the result of a missed tax payment due to NSF, we will resolve the notice on your behalf for a fee. If we find that a notice resulted due to the actions on behalf of RABco then we will resolve the notice at no cost.

Quarterly Tax Filings - $0 wages

$150 per quarter

If you have not processed payroll during the quarter and have no wages to report, we will submit your returns to the federal and state(s) governments.

W2 Amendments

(before W3 submission) ​

$25 per form

IRS Amendments are required in cases such as incorrect SSN, Incorrect wages reported in a quarter(s). Will will communicate and update the IRS with the correct changes.

W2 Amendments

(after W3 submission) ​

$50 per form

IRS Amendments are required in cases such as incorrect SSN, Incorrect wages reported in a quarter(s). Will will communicate and update the IRS with the correct changes.

1094/ 1095 Form Generation

$50 base + $5.95/form


W-2/1099 Form Printing

$50 base + $5.95/form

Clients may elect to have RABco print W2 forms for employees who have not elected to receive an electronic copy. Forms will be printed on pressure seal forms and bulk shipped to the client for distribution or mailed directly to employees. Client may print W2 forms directly from the RABco system for no additional fee.

Reprint of W2 or 1099

$11.00 per form reprinted

Client requests reprinting of a W2 or 1099 on pressure seal paper stock. Client can print reprints directly from the RABco system for no additional fee.

Form 1095C Printing

$5.95 per form

Clients may request that RABco print their 1095C forms at the end of the calendar year. Forms are printed on pressure seal stock and either shipped to the client for distribution to employees or mailed directly to the employee’s home address if so elected by Client. Clients may also print the forms themselves directly from the RABco system for no additional fee.

California DE9-C

(SSN Correction Only)

$50 per quarter

If an SSN is incorrect and no taxes or wages need to be adjusted, a correction needs to be made and communicated with the California Employment Development Department for any of the previous quarter that already have been filed.

W-2C Services

$35 base fee + $5.00 per form

Clients whose W-2s were processed and filed by RABco, may request a corrected form W-2 for an employee (W-2C). RABco will work with the client to process any applicable Year End Correction payrolls, generate the W-2C(s), and file the corrected form(s) with the Social Security Administration (SSA). Upon request, RABco will also file any necessary amended returns as a result of the W-2 correction (see item above Amended Returns). Clients may also create and file W-2Cs themselves directly through the SSA site for no additional fee. This service is only available for tax year 2019 and forward. W2C forms will be loaded into the platform under Tax Documents for the Client to print and distribute to employees.

W-2 Combined Reporting

(print service)

$550 base fee + $5.00 per form

Combined W2 forms may be required for firms designated as a Common Pay Agent as defined in the IRS Publication 15-A. If so elected at the end of each calendar year, RABco will provide your W2 data to a third-party vendor to create combined forms and to generate printed copies. Combined paper W2 forms will be shipped to the client’s address unless regular mail is requested. Copies of the forms will not be available to employees in Employee Self Service but will be provided to client in a separate file. The W2 forms will be filed with the applicable agencies. W2-C services are not available for the W-2 forms provided under this offering.

"Applied For" Status

(of Tax Jurisdictions)

$38.50/month per account

When a company begins to withhold taxes for their employees in a new jurisdiction the company must apply to that jurisdiction for a tax filing ID number. A tax code is in an “Applied for” Status if the “Applied for” box on the tax code is checked within the platform or if the tax code ID number is left blank. Where accepted by the applicable jurisdiction, RABco will remit taxes and file returns but will charge a fee of $38.50/month for each active tax code until a tax ID number is obtained due to the manual work associated with filing for Applied For accounts.

Amended Returns

$137.50 per amendment

Filing all applicable payroll federal/state/local tax returns as indicated in this Agreement is included in the per employee per month fee. When adjustments are made to prior period payroll transactions that require Payroll Services to create a modified or “corrected” tax return to be filed with the taxing authorities, a fee of $137.50 will be incurred per amended return.

Reopen Quarter End or Year End

$550 per request

Request initiated by client to reopen a previously closed quarter or tax year, in order to process corrections.

Miscellaneous Tax Requests

$150/ hour

Any request not outlined above, or any work that is deemed outside the reasonable scope will be billed at an hourly rate of $150/hour.

Human Resources

Misc Services

HR On-demand

$60 per month

Best for Organizations with fewer than 50 employees. On-demand consulting 12 hours/day; 5 days/week. Handbook development and support Harassment prevention training. Custom job descriptions and documents. Live chat. Inquire for more

HR Learn

(HR training)

$20/ month + $3+/ee month

Training platform with easy course assignment and completion tracking. Available courses meet all state harassments requirements, OHSA and workplace safety requirements as well as hundreds of bilingual courses to prove the skills and knowledge of your staff.


$3.50 per verification

Best for Organizations with fewer than 50 employees. On-demand consulting 12 hours/day; 5 days/week. Handbook development and support Harassment prevention training. Custom job descriptions and documents. Live chat. Inquire for more

Background Screening


Starting at $35 per individual

Integration provides ability for End-user Client (EUC) to access background screening services from the Workforce Management interface. A few clicks is all that is needed to initiate screening. Results are delivered directly back into the application providing unprecedented ease of use and convenience. Employees are able to authorize screening digitally and to view their results directly on screen or can download them for their reference. HR Managers are able to incorporate this important functionality as one of the steps in new hire management process or can establish consistent recurring practices based on their business needs.


Misc Services

Additional Implementation Services

billed at $150/hr

Change requests to your setup will be billed at a rate of $150/hour.

Examples include, but are not limited to: - Moved Go Live date - Custom Reports - Additional Cost Center Setup (T&L) - Additional Table Setup (T&L) - Additional Time Off workflow (T&L) - Additional Schedule setup - Additional Pay Period setup - Additional Counter setup - Additional accrual profile setup - Add new earning type - Training (can be recorded) - Custom Documentation


Misc Services

Time Clock Lease

$100/ month

Kronos InTouch Time Clock 9100 Lease

Move Go Live Date

$100/ month

For Clients that need to adjust their scheduled first check date with RABco Payroll.

Right Punch Facial Recognition Time Tracking

$100/ month

Software application for use of clocking in/out employees time with the use of facial recognition