About RABco

We are people, helping people, with their people.

RABco has partnered as a trusted advisor to companies in the healthcare, legal, entertainment, construction, real estate and technology industries since 1999. Over the years we have expanded our services from basic payroll processing to now include time keeping, employee benefit and secure online self service offerings nationally. We are here and ready to assist you in navigating your workforce needs and responsibilities.

We are passionate about helping business and giving them tools to succeed. Your success is our success, and all of us here at RABco look forward to  simplify your payroll processing and human resource needs! Here at RABco Payroll Service, our talented staff has the expertise to meet the needs of our diverse client base. 

Our team's success is driven by our company culture.

Entrepreneurial Mentality

Each team member treats each client as their own. Each of us has the influence to grow and improve our company.


Collectively we share ideas and inputs on how to build the products and services of our dreams.

Honest and Transparent

Each team member shares information, mistakes, close calls, and victories. 

Extra effort

We each go beyond delivering what works and discover what makes our clients smile.

Proud and Sold

We are passionate about what we offer because we are confident of what we have to offer is industry leading.

Team oriented

We play hard and work hard in a team environment. Communication and attention to detail are our strengths.