Time and Labor Management

Employee Data that Drives Business Decisions

Disparate systems and inefficient time and attendance, and data collection processes, can slow growth and frustrate employees

Integrating these processes can boost employee productivity while providing real-time insight into labor data to help control costs and reduce compliance risk.

Complete automation eliminates timekeeping errors, while real-time calculations help maintain compliance and payroll accuracy.

Confirm employee eligibility for paid and unpaid leave based on vacation, sick time, and other criteria.

Managers are automatically notified when employees exceed established thresholds to help ensure compliance.

Absence & Leave​

Control and mitigate employee absenteeism. Employee absence can have an enormous impact on your organization affecting costs, productivity and even morale. Consistent absence and leave policy enforcement eliminates risk for litigation and non-compliance with local, state, federal, and organizational policies and regulations.

Employee visibility and self-service
– Create custom workflows when employees request time – Employees can review eligibility at time of request so they know what they are eligible to take
TLM Time Off Request on Mobile
TLM Absence and Leave on Laptop
Prevent unauthorized time off

– Send notification to managers if employee has not clocked in
– See request audit trail
– create custom reports to see attendance history and trends


Improve accuracy and consistency with automation. Tracking time-off accruals manually can be a tedious and error-prone process. Automation eliminates manual errors, supports fair policy enforcement, and gives employees and managers instant visibility into current status to streamline time-off requests and approvals.

Employees can check their accrual balances anytime​

 Employees can see how much time they are eligible to take in their account

– Set rules to employees can only request for eligible time

TLM Time Off Request on Mobile
Accruals on Kronos Intouch TimeClock

Managers can make informed and fast decisions​

– one-stop access to detailed accrual information

– Set up custom coverage requirements

– Eliminate unauthorized requests by setting up rules so employees can only request for eligible time


Put the right person in the right place at the right time. Automatically generate best-fit schedules based on your organization’s unique requirements to help control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, improve productivity, and drive employee engagement.

Automatically fill open shifts with the right people​

– Fill shifts based on custom pre-defined criteria such as availability, preferences, skills, certifications, etc.

– Ensure your schedule is compliant with union rules, labor laws and more!

TLM Scheduler on Mobile
TLM Dahsboard on Tablet

Predict the future​

– Run forecasted and scheduled coverage reports

– Use historical volume data to ensure you are not over or under-staffed for any future schedule period

Allow employees the ability to contribute

– Employees can access shifts on their mobile device

– Employees can swap shifts, request coverage, and request an open shift of extra hours

– Employee requests will only be posted if xxx with your organization’s policies

– All rules and requirements remain enforced by your organization

Payroll Streamlined on Laptop


Drive engagement and compliance with flexible attestation tools. As labor laws become increasingly complex and require documented proof of compliance, accurate time and labor management is more critical than ever. Simplify and streamline adherence with state, local, union, and other policies to minimize compliance risk.

TLM Attestation on Laptop

Get Notified immediately

– Receive alert when employee missed attestation

– Reflects applicable state and local laws

– Add custom policies and union requirements to ensure xx

Get immediate feedback from employees

– Employees can enter comments and details when alerted

– Prevent endless hours researching and tracking down employees when there’s an issue

Attestation on Kronos Intouch TimeClock

ACA Manager

Proactive solution for ACA compliance strategy across the entire workforce. Providing the tools to effectively manage regular and variable hour employees’ benefits to minimize compliance risk. The ACA manager is equipped with all the applicable reporting capabilities to comply with the IRS requirements.

TLM ACA Manager on Tablet

Automate Enrollment process

– Each employee has a single record

– Automatic notifications send to xx when employee becomes eligible

– Employees can enroll online

Ensure reporting accuracy and reduce redundancy

– Automatically populate IRS forms like the 1095-C and 1094-C with information right within the system

– All forms available for reference in Employee account

1095c Form Screenshot

Mobile Time & Attendance

Leverage existing technology to support your unique workforce. Mobile accessibility gives employees immediate access to their HR, schedule, and pay data. Employees can punch in and out with GPS coordinates, change cost centers/labor transfer, submit timesheets, and view their schedules, time-off and leave-of-absence calendars, accrual balances, and pay statements real-time.

TLM Timehseet on Mobile

Employee Self Service

– Employees have access to their data anywhere and anytime

– Allow employees to clock in/ out on mobile device

Ensure Compliance and accurate reporting

– Define authorized locations or IP addresses where employees can clock in/out

– Set up rules clock in/out rules to enforce local, state, and company policies

TLM Dashboard on Mobile

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