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RABCO HCM Automated Solutions

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 The RABco Marketplace is a portal built right into the user interface providing users with access to third-party products and services – similar to an app store. You can read about the applications, and choose which product you want to leverage. 

The integration is already in place.  All the heavy lifting for procurement is done in advance – it will be automatically implemented per services needed.  Some of the apps are pay per use and some are subscription based.

Automation With Everything Benefits

EverythingBenefits is a leading provider of next-generation, end-to-end benefit technology solutions and services – including carrier connection, COBRA administration, and 401(k) integrations – that help businesses of all sizes and their employees extend the power of your solutions and experience benefits in more meaningful ways.

401k Financial Connectivity

Employee contributions and payroll deductions along with any required demographic and salary-related information originating from payroll can be securely delivered to financial institutions, thereby eliminating the manual processes administrators go through every pay period.

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Benefits Carrier Connections

Companies of any size can enjoy streamlined benefit administration and connect directly with hundreds of insurance carriers, benefit providers, and third party administrators, allowing for automatic transmission of benefits enrollments, changes, and terminations as they happen.

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COBRA Administration

With everything from detecting COBRA qualifying events to monitoring coverage periods and timelines to managing premium payments, outsourced COBRA administration through EverythingBenefits makes compliance a breeze.

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Employee Background Check


Verify employment, education, references, licenses, criminal background, and more

Background screening services are an effective and often required component in the recruit-to-hire process. The most basic background check involves a criminal history search, but often extends into verifications of employment and education, references, licensing and more. Your clients can integrate this step and further streamline their hiring process with one of industry's leading providers: easyBackgrounds.

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E-Verify Connector

I9 Verification for authorization to work in the USA

This Marketplace Add-on offers integration with the E-Verify Program provided by U.S. Department of Homeland Security to help companies comply with United Stated law requiring employment of only individuals who may legally work in U.S. Participating companies are able to leverage this service directly from the Workforce Management application.

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Expense Reporting

Certify is the leading online travel and expense management solution for companies of all sizes. Organizations worldwide book travel and complete expense reports quickly, easily, and cost effectively using our mobile applications and web based technology.

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Facial Time Punch


Contactless and hygienic time capture app

Using an off-the-shelf and low-cost tablet, employees can scan a barcode ID and capture photos or take their picture and use face biometrics to submit punch data directly to Kronos Workforce Ready - without employees having to touch anything. Avoid the risks of COVID-19!

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Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Integration with TCC

Tax Credit Co. removes the barriers to Work Opportunity Tax Credits. We focus on simplifying the entire process — from new-hire screening to forecasting and reporting — built on a sophisticated paperless Optimal Incentives System that leads the market in speed, flexibility and seamless implementation. 

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Job Posting

Post jobs online to employment websites

Source Candidates by posting job listings to your career
website and 8,000+ free job boards like Monster, Indeed, and CareerBuilder for a flat fee. Use automated approval workflows and gain at-a-glance visibility into applicant status. Ask pre-screening questions in online applications. Send automated email communications
to applicants.

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eQuest Advantage & Diversity Network

Unlimited access to job distributions

The Advantage Network & Diversity network provides customers access to a wide spectrum of free job aggregators. The system automatically send the posting to all relevant sites.  Candidate will complete the application process through Kronos.

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